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Attersee is a unique, magical resort for those in search of relaxation but mainly for the sport enthusiasts. It is located on the lakeside of the popular Attersee Lake at an elevation of 469 meters and has 1500 inhabitants. Attersee is situated at the terminus of a small railway, which runs from the junction of Vöcklamarkt, just fourteen kilometers to the north (about a dozen from Vöcklamarkt to Attersee every day). Getting to Vöcklamarkt is really easy, as rapid trains stop there every two hours or less from Salzburg and Linz, which are respectively on fifty and sixty-nine kilometers away.
The largest lake in the Austrian Alps, Attersee comes really alive in summer when crowds of sports-lovers come to the resort town with the lake's name.
Those who enjoy fishing will delight at the lake's clear alpine waters, with trout, char, and, in little tributaries, brook trout just beneath the surface. At many guesthouses along the shore you can have the fish you caught cooked for dinner.
The blue-green Lake is about twenty kilometers long and two kilometers wide, with many orchards growing on its uplands. There's also a picturesque road around the entire lake. From the southern part of the lake to the west of Burgau, one can take a twelve-minute walk to a beautiful gorge, the Burggrabenklamm, with a waterfall, one of the most scenic sights along the Attersee.
Here one can enjoy a various number of sports and activities including, but not limited to swimming, sailing, waterskiing, surfing or playing tennis.
Take a rest in one of Attersee’s authentic restaurants and inns where you can enjoy the regional specialties and culinary delights.

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