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Bregenz Lake Constance

Bregenz is a cultural and relaxation center at Lake Constance, the capital of Vorarlberg, seat of the regional government. There are around 28 000 residents in the town, situated at an elevation of 400 meters. Located in the border are between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the town has to offer a lot of attractions year-round.
Bregenz is about two thousand years old town - the Celtic Brigants and the Romans once lived here and the mediaeval center with the Baroque onion tower is still preserved. The 3rd largest lake in Central Europe forms the boundary of the town in the west, and the water sports are a must here. Bregenz is a great place for relaxation and shopping, but also the cultural center of the whole region. The popular Festspiele, great events, the interesting architecture, the Kunsthaus, many theaters and galleries are part of the program throughout the year. Also various activities are available here, such as Fishing, Ballooning, Canyoning, Cycling, Parachuting, Paragliding, Climbing, Miniature Golf, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Horseback Riding, Sailing, Nordic Skiing, Windsurfing, Hiking, Water Skiing etc.


Bregenz Accommodation

One of the cities that has gained immense popularity over the years and has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Austria is Bregenz. Situated in the westernmost side of Austria, Bregenz is Vorarlberg’s capital. One of most prominent places in the region of the area is Lake Constance that joins the city of Bregenz from the eastern side. It is the third largest lake that constitutes of fresh water in the entire Central Europe. The town of Bregenz is bordered with Germany to the Northwestern side, while Switzerland borders with the Western side.
One of the most popular tourist attractions in the region of Bregenz is the festival that takes place during the summer when the weather is mild is the Bregenzer Festspiele, that takes place on an annual basis and numerous tourists fly in to party hard and break the monotony of their life. Another famous tourist attraction of the area is Pfanderbahn which is a famous cable car of the region that takes tourists to the very peak of Pfander mountain.
If you are planning to visit the town of Bregenz you should also remember to visit Seebuehne which is an amusement park and an opera theatre where tourists can indulge in the creative arts if they have an eye for it. Furthermore you should also try to squeeze in the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road in your trip’s schedule, which is a famous old paved road that attracts numerous tourists to the area. Furthermore if you like museums there are many museums to visit such as the Voralberg Regional Museum and the Frauen museum.
Before planning all of this there is one thing that you should pay immense attention to and that is your accommodation. Make sure that it isn’t far away from the city and is the most comfortable there is.


Bregenz Transportation

The nearest International airports are: Innsbruck - 180 kilometers (with direct train connection); Altenrhein 23 km (shuttle service available); Zürich 120 km (direct train connection); Friedrichshafen 35 km; München 170 km (train connection). There are also train connections to Linz, Wien, Graz, St. Gallen, Sargans, Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, München etc.

Bregenz map


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