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Dorfgastein is an Alpine village in the Gastein Valley, 839m above the sea level. It is near Salzburg (85km), Bad Hofgastein (8km) and 399km away from Vienna. The village is suitable for tourism throughout the whole year and has a lot of hotels, guesthouses and an outdoor swimming pool. The strangest thing about it is that it doesn’t have street names.

Dorfgastein Skiing Holidays

Dorfgastein is a great place for skiers. It offers 4 chairlifts, 15 T-bar lifts, a toboggan run, a curling rank and a ski kindergarten. For the tired skiers, the nightlife is not quite wild, but relaxing on the other hand. For a great night one should try the Hotel Römerhof.
An attraction in the village is the Pfarrkirche (Parish Church), built in the 14th century and renovated in baroque style. Another interesting place is the stalactite cavern Entrische Kirche (77km away from Salzburg). It is also on 30min walk from Klamstein. The cave was discovered in 1428, has 3 levels, a total length of 3 miles and guided tours.
If you want to travel around, you can take a bus from Dorfgastein to one of the chairlifts which will take you to Wengeralm. From there with another lift you can reach Kreuzkogel – 2 040m elevation.

Gastein Valley

If you travel by train, you should get an express from Salzburg and then transfer to a local one to Dorfgastein – a total of around 80min trip. There is also one bus a day from Salzburg to Badgastein which passes through the village. If you prefer a car you should drive from Salzburg along A10, Route 311 and Route 167.

Dorfgastein Austria


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