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Emmersdorf Austria

Emmersdorf in the Wachau valley is very popular resort among the cyclists. The village of Emmersdorf at the Danube is situated at the Western entrance to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO, the Wachau valley and has always been attractive holiday area.
At the same time, the village is connected to the international tourist flaw of holidaymakers via the Danube bridge and yet a great starting point to experience the cultural and natural landscapes of Wachau, Waldviertel, Mostviertel and Nibelungengau.
Another renowned landmark is found on the opposite right bank of the Danube - the popular Benedictine monastery in Melk. Beyond Melk starts what is maybe the most interesting and picturesque section of the Danube trip, stretching through the beautiful Wachau, which is also very popular area for romantic vacations. In the forest, on the left bank of Danube can be found the Late Gothic church of Emmersdorf.

Emmersdorf Danube

Emmersdorf Transportation

The nearest airport to Emmersdorf is this in Schwechat (VIE).
By train one can reach the resort via:
Westbahn train to Melk and then with a post-office van to Emmersdorf or via Donauuferbahn train from Krems to Emmersdorf
By car from Vienna or Linz - via A1 motorway, then exit Melk through the bridge over the Danube (Donaubrücke) – Emmersdorf.



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