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Austria Events - Festivals, Concerts, Theatre Tickets 2019 / 2020




Candlelight Concerts at Schloss Rosenburg 2019

(various dates from March to October, Rosenberg, Austria)

The famous with its Renaissance architecture, Schloss Rosenburg serves up classical music during its yearly series of candlelight concerts.
For more that twenty years, the summer performances have brought great young talents and acclaimed artists to the stage. The castle itself is worth a visit, with its majestic towers and turrets, as well as some beautiful views of the Kamptal valley.  The 2015 event programme and more information can be found on the official site:


Werfen Ice Caves

(May - October, Eisriesenwelt, Austria)

The amazing Werfen Ice Caves are the longest in the whole world. The caves are actually a cave network which goes 42 kilometers into the mountains. However, only the first kilometer is open for people who would like to see the magnificent ice-covered walls of the caves.
From the valley one can take a cable car to the entrance of the caves and then take a guided tour for an hour along the ice corridors. The trip through the caves consists of climbing 134 meters – as if climbing to the top of a high block of flats.
Remember to wear some warm clothes even in summer as the average temperature inside the cave is 0°C. The floor is also covered in ice and on the walls you will see many beautiful ice cascades.
First you will pass through the Entrance Hall and then you will go inside the huge Posselt Hall - 30 meters high and wide. Later you see the Mörk Glacier - 8 meters high ice wall, polished by the wind, consisting of blue and white layers sprinkled with brown cave dust particles.
On one side there is a passage with no ice which leads down to the last huge room – the Ice Palace. In that last hall where the tour ends, the cave is already a kilometer deep into the mountain and 400 meters below the surface.


Spanish Riding School 2019

(Vienna Imperial Hofburg Palace, Austria)

Yet another splendid of the countless Austrian cultural attractions - the Spanish Riding School of Vienna is the only riding academy across the globe which has been cultivating the strange art of equitation in its original form for more than four hundred years. The academy, actually trains both - horses and riders with the same old methods which have been used for centuries, most of them being passed on through many generations privately from master to apprentice.
With ancient origins, dating back to the sixteenth century, the Lipizzans are actually the oldest breed of horses on the European continent. Although highly prized all the time, until the nineteenth century these steeds were known with different name - Spanish Karsters. The Lipizzans of Vienna's Spanish Riding School have turned the Piber Federal Stud, into their home in the twentieth years of the last century. The famous stud carefully develops the knowledge gained during the 4 centuries of breeding these impressive horses. Every year the best of the Lipizzan magnificent animals are selected for training at Wien’s Spanish Riding School. The shows of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna impress the numerous visitors from all over the planet with their unique performances in one of the most popular riding halls - the Winter Riding School, situated in Wien’s Imperial Hofburg Palace.

To find out more detailed information about the Lippizaner horses, the show’s performances, rehearsals, schedules and programme, as well as for booking please get in touch with the venue itself.




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