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Gussing (~3800 residents) is a town in the Austrian province of Burgenland and is the administrative center of the Güssing district. Gussing is a popular place for nature, culture, and wellness oriented tourists and visitors will be able to truly experience these attractions. The town is an important cultural center for five hundred years. The Burgspiele fest is an annual event each summer and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Gussing is popular and with its renewable energy researches and the first community in the EU to produce its entire energy demand. Of course Gussing provides with quality hotel and other accommodation.

Gussing Austria

Gussing Castle

Gussing’s castle is the main attraction of the town, which brings most of the visitors. The castle includes the impressive "four hundred years of art" exhibition, a beautiful gothic chapel, an interesting museum, as well as a nice castle restaurant. The Güssing Castle, erected in 1157 is the oldest castle in the province and a very popular regional landmark.  One can get to the castle by funicular. The castle is very romantic place and known as one of the most impressive castles in Austria. Initially a wooden fortification was constructed here in 1157 and later in the thirteenth century a majestic rock castle replaced the wooden building. In 1524 the castle was given to the Batthyánys who transformed the castle into a cultural center. Nowadays the castle it is a great outing trip for the whole family due to the fact that it has something on offer for every age group. A popular attraction is the ascent to the bell tower, from where one can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Pannonian plains.

Gussing Castle

Franciscan Monastery Güssing

The Franciscan Order was founded in 1648 - 1649 by Count Adam Batthyany, the monastery is located on the main square of the town Güssing and was a former area of Güssing’s fortification. The impressive monastery includes a precious library with some three thousand and five hundred books. The oldest book kept in the library is a mass vellum book from the middle of the thirteenth century.

Clusius Wild Animal Park

ituated north-east of the town, on an area of approximately 100 ha, visitors will find a unique symbiosis of wild animal park, research station and recreation center. The park is home to many wild animals and a popular trip for whole families.



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