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Hallstatt is a small market village 88km away from Salzburg and only 19km away from Bad Ischl. It is situated in the Salzkammergut province, just on the left bank of the gloomy Hallstättersee Lake. The Lake is “gloomy” because of its dark waters – it is a small lake (8km long and 2km wide) and is mostly surrounded by mountains.


Hallstatt is a very old village – in fact the oldest still inhabited one, due to its salt deposits. There are signs (including ancient relics) that the place was inhabited during the Iron Age – 800 to 400 B.C. What is more, Celts used to mine salt there 1000 years B.C. The village was on the decline during medieval times, but the Hapsburgs revived it.

Hallstatt Accommodation

Hallstatt is a small town overlooking the lake of Halstatter in Upper Austria in the region of Salzkammergut. It has a small population of just 1000 people and is traditionally been known for its various salt mines. However, it is the breathtaking natural beauty of the town and its surrounding area that attract thousands from all over the world to this small paradise on earth. Once upon a time, when salt was a valuable commodity, Hallstatt was full of people who were very wealthy because of the presence of numerous salt mines. Today however, the popularity of Hallstatt is because of its natural scenery and tourism happens to be the mainstay of economy of the area.  Every household of the town has a bed and breakfast facility and higher the home, the more attractive it becomes for the tourists for panoramic views around the lake they get as a guest.

Walk around as there is no need for an automobile
The town is so small that there is no need for an automobile to explore the area. With just a single road, a tourist can walk around the town in just 30 minutes.  One can arrive in this mesmerizing town by train as train station lies on one side of the town and one has to take a boat ferry to reach to the village of Halstatt. There is nothing much to do in this beautiful hamlet except soak in the beauty of the place, walk, sleep and shop. If you are interested in knowing the history of the place and notable events that have taken place in the area in the last three thousand years, there is a museum just next to the tourist office that provides all the information you are looking for. It becomes clear that the wealth of the residents of the town is all because of abundance of salt found in salt mines of the area.

Though practically every home in the town serves as a guest house for tourists, there are several hotels in the area.

Gasthoff Weisses Lamm
The name may be weird but it provides decent accommodation at reasonable prices with rooms available from $46 to $60. Those looking for a budget accommodation find this place comfortable.

Heritage Hotel
This is an expensive hotel in Hallstatt with room tariff ranging from $265 to $595. Those looking for a location that is picture perfect and provides excellent room service with facilities. Every room provides panoramic lake and mountain views.

Seahotel Gruner Baum
This is a mid range hotel with many value added services provided for free that make tourists make a beeline for an accommodation in the hotel. The room tariff ranges from $164 to $296.

Apart from these hotels, there are dozens of inns and apartments in the town of Hallstatt that are more than enough for accommodation. In short accommodation is never a problem in the town of Hallstatt and whatever your budget, you can easily find a room for a brief stay in this paradise on earth.

Hallstatt Lake

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