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INNSBRUCK tourist information

INNSBRUCK tourist attractions

Travel to Innsbruck by air
Innsbruck has an international Airport. Regular flights are available from London, Rotterdam, Vienna, Amsterdam, Graz, Hannover, Antwerpen, Frankfurt and Gothenburg. There are also charter flights to various cities in Germany, particularly in winter. Other Airports close to Innsbruck are Klagenfurt, Munich, Salzburg, Friedrichshafen and Zurich. The bus line F will take you to the city center (runs on every fifteen minutes).


Travel to Innsbruck by car
The city is easily accessible by a dense network of streets and roads. A 12 highway network is readily accessible from all directions – Toll sticker is required! Arlberg tunnel is also a toll road. Extra toll fees are charged and on the A13 highway starting at Innsbruck South entrance.


Travel to Innsbruck by train
There are express trains and international trains to all major European cities. Train schedule and information is available at Innsbruck Train station. Buses connect the main train station and the nearby villages and South Tyrol.


Large parts of the central area are fee based short-time parking areas. For longer stays, it is better to park off-site and use public transportation.
Public local traffic (busses, trams and trolleys) is operated by the Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe, Innbus, Verkehrsverbund Tiroland - a couple of private operators. Guests of the city should know that there sometimes are bus line letters/numbers that split up into various destinations, so it is important to pay attention to the destination displays (outside and inside) and the spoken announcements.
The special bus line TS (The Sightseer) links the major sights such as Bergisel, Schloss, Ambras and Alpenzoo to the center.


Innsbruck map

Please for Flights, Trains and Car-rental reservations refer to the general Austria Transportation Reservations page.

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