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The city of Klagenfurt is almost 300 years old, the views, sights and the location of the city leaves a remarkable effect on the people visiting. There are normally two types of people visiting the hill stations, or any valley. One is the way like the tourist do, go on visiting the places, finding out the history of it record it in the cams for the purposes and finally leave the place with no memory to cherish and the other are the people who prefer to stay indoors, view the sights and the locations in the guides given for the visiting purposes and finally leave the place. But places like Klagenfurt should not be viewed like both ways either. The place is immensely beautiful, one should make an attempt to visit all the places and try to capture as many as memories possible as it is not always possible to go for an outing every now and then.


Klagenfurt is the capital of Carinthia; it is one of the example of those nostalgic places that recreates the magic and charm of the times when the monument was in use by the kings and the emperor, who ruled at that time.  The city has the population of almost 90,000; these people are the proud natives of the city, who are grateful to the people for building the city to extra ordinarily beautiful. The first monument you will notice in the city is the huge statue of ‘lindwurm’ in the centre of ‘Neuer Platz’; the city impresses the people with its impressive architecture of that time. The people who love the nature and search for the peace of mind should visit the town and the lake of the ‘Wothersee’ which has a soothing water way that leaves a peaceful to the eyes. The city is the greatest tourist spot that has numerous places to offer that will make you postpone your departure.

The Neuer Platz or the Lindwurm is located at the heart of the city. It is the landmark of the town. History says an evil dragon was threatening the region in which Klagenfurt is present today. The person who catches and kills the dragon was to receive a land promised by the duke of the Karnburg area. Finally the dragon was destroyed by a trick planned by a group of servants. The land promised by the duke was awarded and the menials put up at the place setting up a village in the point where they killed the dragon.
The Minimundus at Villacher Straße is a park that offers a large collection of miniatures of the famous buildings from Robert Musil Museum several countries of the world. The fee for entrance is €11; special fares may be availed for the children and groups.
The eptilienzoo Happ is a small zoo which offers varied and large stock of animals and reptiles. Here the entrance is charged around €8, the special fares for the groups and children apply here too.
Europark is located near the Minimundus and the beach of Strandbad of Worthesee invites people to relax, play chess, stroll and enjoy the wonderful plans. Male peacocks are found fanning their feathers.
Another museum is the for Literature its stays open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturday’s closes at 2 PM, there is no entrance fee charged. This museum is the birth place of the writer Mr. Robert Musil.
Near the Strandbad Maiernegg is situated the Gustav Mahler Komponierhauschen, the famous musician Gustav Mahler lived and worked close to Klagenfurt. During the year 1899 he got a mansion which now turned out to be a museum which offers letters and postcards which Gustav Mahler wrote. There are English, German and French guides available for the museum. 


Klagenfurt Accommodation

Klagenfurt has a number of hotels only on a short walk to the town center. Many Klagenfurt's hotels are well furnished with all kinds of amenities that are designed to make customer to have the best experience. The hotels in Klagenfurt have a family friendly atmosphere. Each room is equipped with standard facilities such as telephone, internet, and TV. It is best that you stay in hotels that are situated nearby to the destination you want to visit. If you are visiting in summer, you can book a room with air conditioned hotel.
The mountainous terrains make Klagenfurt a suitable location for ski vacation. Klagenfurt is not the best ski locations in Austria but it has several ski resorts that are situated nearby to the city. Klagenfurt is often used as the ski area for the Alpine Skiing World Cup.
People with a tight budget can spend their nights at the pensions and hostels. The pensions and hostels are less luxurious hotel accommodations that offer double or triple bed rooms. Some pensions and hostels offer up to 5 beds per room. If the room has insufficient bed, you can add an extra bed for a small fee.

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Worther Lake Klagenfurt

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