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Lingenau (687 meters elevation, ~1300 residents) is located on approximately four kilometers east of Alberschwende and is a popular resort in both summer and winter resort, due to its spa and health center. Other interesting attractions of Lingenau include the parish church and St Anne's chapel. Lingenau in the Bregenzerwald is set on lowlands limited in the north by the Rotenberg and in the south by the Subersach. The beautiful, peaceful location of the resort, with the nice meadows and nearby forests, attracts many visitors looking for health and spa holidays to Lingenau and turns it into a recreational village. The area of Lingenau features many hiking paths providing with romantic walks around gorges, meadows and majestic mountains. The unique Quelltuffgebiet (sinter hills and formations) is an interesting and popular nature learning route. The recreational spa center of Kur und Gesundheits Lingenau is another great attraction of the small resorts. Lingenau has some good hotels and other private accommodation, as well as the popular G’s und & Vital Club. Other attractions and activities in Lingenau’s area include Fishing, Indoor Swimming Pool, Rafting, Skiing, Tennis Court, etc.

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