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Upper Austria’s capital Linz lies along the banks of the Danube and is situated on the ancient Salt Road, used to link Salzkammergut to Bohemia. Therefore the long history of Linz has established it as an industrial and manufacturing center. Today, this prospering city has an international Airport and the biggest harbour on the Danube and is a famous education center as well. Linz, which is the third largest city in Austria, is magnificently embedded in the Danube Valley and surrounded by gently rolling foothills. The city is situated at 260 meters elevation and has population of about 190 000 inhabitants.


Linz is a gorgeous mix of cultures of different centuries - old European architecture combined with a modern-day lifestyle. This vivid capital of upper Austria should definitely be included in the must-see list of every visitor to Austria. Linz can offer the most suitable mixture of perfect places for eating, drinking, shopping and cultural self-enrichment. The splendid town center of Linz possesses many tourist attractions plus extreme cultural wealth which have witnessed the past glory and the nowadays beauty of the town. If you want to gain unique sightseeing experience and unforgettable memories, then you should get aboard the yellow Linz City Express. A ride on the Cave Train up to Postlingberg Mountain and a Boat Cruise of the Danube create memories that will stay with you forever. The city today is one of the most important cultural centers of Austria. The Calendar of Events (which is published annually) announces the most versatile cultural events, including the annual Linz Street Artists’ Festival, the Linz Cultural Summer, the Bruckner Festival, the visualized "Cloud of Sound" Festival and the Ars Electronica Festival.

Linz Accommodation

The success story of Linz is brilliant, unforgettable and appreciable. The majestic beauty of this Austrian city arrests the eyes of travelers.  This beautifully tuned city is located on the Danube River which is really magnificent and charming.   Linz is the symbol of joy, color of ecstasy, romance and wild charm of natural aesthete. 
 Linz can make you feel good. You will have a chance to burn your conventional rotten beliefs under the full glare of the bright sun.   If you have a dream to visit Linz to commune with natural panorama, you need to opt for a compact holiday package which must include the cost effective accommodation and luxurious lifestyle in a sophisticated resort.  
Linz accommodation is available at cheap cost. You will have a number of excellent options to enjoy your vacations in Linz. The sophistication of the urban life, innocence of idle evening, aloofness of the sunken sun, and adventure of silvery night have redefined this magnificent tourist hotspot.  When you hire a hotel in Linz, you must prefer the all-inclusive holiday package to get high quality hospitality services in a single vacation package.   You will be given heavenly bliss, tranquility and high voltage thrills when you stay in any luxurious hotel located in   the conurbation of Linz.   The splendor of romantic evening, an embedded suspense of evening cruises and more dynamic nightlife have increased the magnitude of the importance of Linz. 
 Linz accommodation is cost effective. You can hire economical rooms at affordable rates.   Every suite has been specially decorated with fashionable artifacts, furniture pieces and wall mountable tapestries. You will feel the touch of Austrian nostalgia and classic beauty when you watch the interior décor of your bed room.  
All-inclusive hotel accommodation in Linz also offers delicious cuisines, flavorful smoothies to sweeten up throat, dishes of pastry and snacks. The sophisticated mini-bar offers episodes of intoxicated nocturnal entertainment programs, expeditions and ultra-light music.  Stain your young mind in fountain of red wine. Heat up your tummy in compromising cold Scotch and Vodka.  Few moments will be more glamorous but it will be more charismatic to spend a whole day in enhancing intimate close up with your fiancé sitting in a murky cafeteria where the interplay between light and darkness creates a mysterious ambience.  The day in Linz is meant for two ambitious souls to feel speed in life. Check out all hotels in Linz we offer.


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