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Malta Austria

Malta is a small town in the Austrian province of Carinthia with a varied history. Malta is situated at 834 meters elevation and has approximately 2180 residents. The town is especially suitable for nature lovers and family holidays among the romantic gorges, lush green meadows and majestic waterfalls.
Malta is particularly attractive because of the many waterfalls in the area and is also known as Valley of the Falling Waters. The Maltatal (Malta valley), which stretches north-west from the resort of Gmund is a magnificent place and one of the most popular valleys in Austria because of its waterfalls and many streams. Other attractions in the village of Malta are its 14 - 15th century church and museum housing rural furniture and traditional local crafts. Nearby is and the Kolnbrein reservoir, which is one of the largest dams in Austria. The Malta Valley Nature Reserve is home to great variety of mountain animals and plants.
In any case if visiting Malta, do not miss to spend some time at the Koelnbrein, which lake is a popular excursion destination, as well as the starting place for many mountain and hiking trips in the surroundings.


Malta Transportation

The nearest airports to Malta are these in Klagenfurt  and Salzburg. By train one can get to the railway station at Spittal / Millstattersee, from where to continue on bus to Malta.
By car from Munich to Salzburg via A10 motorway, exit Gmund from where is is around six kilometers to Malta. From Italy on the A2 motorway via Villach and Spittal / Drau, again exit Gmund - Malta.



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