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Millstatt Austria

The Austrian market town of Millstatt (~3350 residents) is situated at 611 meters above the sea level in the province of Carinthia on the shore of the Lake Millstatt, in the Spittal an der Drau district. Millstatt is a traditional health resort and spa center, popular for its Benedictine abbey, founded somewhere around 1070. The extensive buildings of the Benedictine monastery are found beneath the marketplace. The Benedictine abbey museum is located within in the monastery and exhibits a summary of its history and cultural heritage. The resort Millstatt attracts many visitors not only with the ancient monastery, but with its lake and spa and health procedures. The town offers very good choice of different category hotels, apartment rentals and private accommodation.

Millstätter See Schiffahrt (Lake Millstatt Tours & Holidays)

The Lake Millstatt, which is twelve kilometers long and two kilometers, is not only the deepest (142 meters) but also the warmest lake in the Austrian province of Carinthia. The walking trails along the shores of the beautiful lake attract the guests of Millstatt to pleasant walks. Boat tours on the lake are also very popular. There are ten points where visitors can get on or off sightseeing boats across the lake. These include Millstatt, Grossegg, Dobriach Cerny and Glanz, Seeboden, Pichler and Steiner, Laggerhof, Suduferweg, Pesenthein, Dellach.

Millstatt Lake

Millstatt Transportation

The nearest airports to the town of Millstatt are these in Klagenfurt (~85 km) and Salzburg (~180 km).
By train one can get to the main railway station Spittal/Drau, from where to continue on one of the frequent buses to the village of Millstatt.
By car via Tauernautobahn motorway to Spittal/Millstätter See.
Via motorway Udine - Tarvis - Villach - Millstatter See.
Or federal route Millstätter See Bundesstrass – Millstatt.



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