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If you look for a holiday resort which is perfect throughout the whole year, then Mondsee is the right place for you. All year long you would be delighted to spend some time in the region even because of the scenery itself. Mondsee Land is a natural year-round playground with its lofty mountains, crystal clear lakes and lush emerald forests. Mondsee Land is a place to relax, to soak up the atmosphere, to take in the superb mountain scenery and to enjoy the vacation experience of a lifetime. Sporting opportunities abound - there are plenty of tennis courts and golf greens, also many remote hiking trails and opportunity for cycling and horseback riding. And if you are a person who is fond of splashing around and lying wet under the sun, then you can have fun in the shining waters of the Mondsee and Irrsee Lakes. The region encircling the two Salzkammergut Lakes of Mondsee and Zellersee is an area of incredible natural beauty. This is scenery which can offer more than various walking and cycling trails – there are also breathtaking views of unfathomably deep lakes and the best mountain scenery you can imagine. Those who are keen on walking, hiking or climbing will find everything their heart could possibly desire. Some other activities that one can enjoy in this fascinating region include fishing, ballooning, archery, golf, mountain biking, horseback riding, sailing, windsurfing, diving, water skiing, etc.

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Mondsee Transportation

The nearest airport is the one in Salzburg. Since no rail lines extend to Mondsee, most visitors travel by train to either Salzburg or Strasswalchen, a town conveniently on the main line between Salzburg and Vienna. Buses depart from the railway station in Salzburg every hour throughout the day (the trip is less then an hour). From Strasswalchen, every day leave more than six buses which go south for Mondsee (trip time – about half an hour). From Salzburg, those traveling by car can head east on the A-1 or go west from Linz on the A-1.

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