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St. Martin

This small, old-fashioned village is located only 2 kilometers south of Lofer and is mostly known for its pilgrimage church. The building is in baroque style and its name is Maria Kirchenthal. The church was designed by the famous for his time master J.B. Fischer von Erlach. There is also a museum in the church where you can see pictures from the 17th to the 19th century. Maria Kirchenthal is only 1,5 kilometers away from the village and throughout the summer can be reached by car or by one hour walk from Lofer.

Sankt Martin Techelsberg

Near St Martin bei Lofer there is the picturesque gorge Vorderkaser Gorge. It is located 2,5 kilometers away from the Mittelpinzgau road, near the Vorderkaser bus stop. The gorge is open from May till October.
You can have a nice drink and food in a restaurant at Prommer Rudolf.
Getting to St. Martin is almost the same as getting to Lofer. There are also buses from Saalfelden and Salzburg which stop in St. Martin. But if you travel from St. Johann, you will have to transfer to another bus in Lofer or just take a taxi for the short distance. By car, St. Martin can be reached along Route 311 south of Lofer.

St Martin Skiing Holidays

St. Martin Ski Map


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