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Soell Austria

Lying only a few kilometers from the German border at Kufstein/Kiefersfelden, Söll (Soell, Soll) is situated in a sunny, wind-protected area between the famous Wilder Kaiser and Hohe Salve mountains. Soll is located at 703 meters over the sea level, with the peak of Hohe Salve at 1829 meters, has 3500 inhabitants and guest beds for approximately 4000.


Soll Accommodation

Austria provides activities and things everyone would enjoy from beautiful scenic environment, to a mild and enjoyable weather throughout the year to exciting and adventurous tourist attractions. One of Austria’s most popular ski resorts is Soll that is situated in Kufstein district. Soll is basically a small village that is a tourist hotspot throughout the year. Other than tourism as its main income generation sources, agriculture is its secondary source. This article will explain why Soll is a good place to visit for your next vacation and you look at it as a guide while travelling to the village of Soll.
A few of the reasons why Soll is a popular place to visit in Austria is due to its skiing resorts that allow those who love to ski the best place to come to. Soll is said to have the highest peak in the area that is known as the Hohe Salve which is named after a church that is situated on the peak. The church is also a hotspot for tourists and the tourism department has renovated the church and added a restaurant to it as well to boost the number of tourists visiting the area. Apart from this skiing resort and the church other places which are usually preferred by tourists include the Inn at Postwirt which depicts tyrolean architectural designs. You should always plan a trip to the war memorial that is a memorial made for the soldiers of the Napoleonic wars of 1809. Apart from this another church called the Wallfahrtskirchelein am Stampfanger.
One thing that you should make sure is to look for the best accommodation in the area when you visit Soll, since where you stay makes or breaks your vacation.


Soll Skiing Holidays

Wilder Kaiser – Brixental Ski World (Skiwelt) is Austria´s largest connected ski area, with a total of 250 kilometers of perfect ski runs (135 kilometers of which are assured with artificial snow) and over ninety modern ski lifts (gondolas/funicular: 11; drag lifts: 45; chair lifts: 35). For sure that is the place where one can enjoy truly unlimited winter fun! 108 km of the slopes are easy, 120 km – intermediate and 12 km – difficult.

Soll Slopes

Resort facilities include also skiing and sledding by day and night, cross-country skiing, curling, panoramic swimming baths (indoor pool with hot outdoor pool, sauna, massage parlour, tanning studio and more), winter hiking trails, 73 huts, mountain restaurants and snow-bars, horse-sleigh rides, paragliding, squash, bowling, camping, kindergarten etc.

Soell outdoor Pool

During the summer, the resort also offers a great number of attractions – one can visit a century-old Alpine hut and witness traditional cheese making and bread baking and for kids the Gründlalm kiddy express, a wildlife park and the witches are great playground in the forest.

Wilde Kaiser Brixental


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