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St. Polten

St Polten in Low Austria is situated on the banks of Traisen River, in the plain between the Danube and the Alpine foothills. It is the capital city of Low Austria region and has population of around fifty thousand. The city has an old history – it dates back to 1100, and in 1986 became capital city of the federal land. St Poelten is a key center for the regional industries and houses the Low Austria Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for Economic Support. The historical center of the city and its baroque architecture is one of the sights, attracting most visitors. The city’s efflorescence was in 1689 when Jakob Prandtauer (a baroque master) moved to the town and created some superb edifices. Some of them are the Carmelite Monastery, the main texture of the Institut der Englischen Fräulein convent, the baroque burgher houses on Herrenplatz and many others. Also worth seeing are the facades of the baroque house in Fuhrmanngasse.
Other interesting sights feature the originally Romanesque cathedral to which baroque elements were added in 1722. During the summer, Domplatz square is used as venue for classic and contemporary events. Some of the contemporary architectural attractions are the government section (designed by Ernst Hoffmann), the Sound Tower, the Festival House, the Provincial Library, the Provincial Museum and the Landhaus.
Towns, which could be of interest nearby St Polten feature Pottenbrunn, with its majestic castle, the monastery in Herzogenburg and the tranquil village of Lilienfeld, which lies in the wooded foots of the Alps and provides its visitors with unforgettable hiking opportunities. Also worth visiting are Lackenhof and Waidhofen - resort towns in the Alpine area, both offering great walking in summer or skiing in winter.

(Wasserschloss Pottenbrunn)

St. Polten Wasserschloss Pottenbrunn

St Pölten


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