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Vienna is the largest metropolitan city of Austria.  Vienna can heat up young lovers due to charisma of nature.   This city has been enriched in culture, heritage and architecture.  The color of imperialism and dynamism of regality have held this sophisticated city in high stature.   The arresting beauty of Schonbrunn Palace is impressive for the architectural grandeur. Palace-Holfburg enhances the structural elegance and unforgettable supremacy of affluence both in culture and romance.  Vienna has given rise to Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss and other literary luminaries who nourished the soil of Vienna in art, literature, science, and enlightenment. 



Classical and any other music festivals, film festivals, fantastic architecture, various arts, world known theaters, excellent education, lots of shopping or just strolling are all part of Vienna’s temptation. The city of Wien (in German) is set at the riverside of Danube River, at an elevation of 172 meters and has ~1 700 000 residents. There is always something happening in the Austrian capital - all the sights and numerous events held make Vienna a year-round tourist destination. Vienna has a lot of mega theaters and is famous for opera and classical music. The most popular tourist attraction in Vienna includes Hofburg and Schronbrunn palaces.


Wien, the Austrian capital city is one of the most charming European capitals and provides with fantastic sightseeing opportunities, great possibilities for educational, historical, cultural, religious and other traditional and alternative forms of tourism, countless tourist attractions of different kinds for anyone from anywhere around the world. Quality Austrian hotel accommodation, excellent restaurants offering cuisine from around the globe... anything a business traveller or holiday maker could require for their vacation or business trip from a modern European city.

Vienna concentrates on tourist attractions in 3 distinct areas. Schonbrunn palace has a large cluster centred around. This attracted nearly around 5 million visitors during the year 2009. During 2008 a total of two million visitors were attracted by the Hofburg Palace’s exhibitions and museums, this significantly declined in 2009. The latest and the third cluster of museums of modern art in Museumsquartier covered only less than a million visitors. The duo museums nearby, Kunsthistorisches and Naturhistorisches , located between Hofburg and Museumsquartier too reported nearly a million visitors. The district of Landstraße, lying to the south-east of old city, acts as home to the art exhibitions conducted at KunstHausWien and Belvedere Palace.
Vienna is called as “new old city”, since it stands out amidst other tourist destinations of Europe. This name is given to indicate the transition to a global city such as London and Paris from being an old “picture city” like Venice and Florence. Nearly for six continuous years, from 2003 to 2008, the industry was on peak, but due to global financial crisis in 2009 there was an acute decline, especially in the long-distance tourism i.e. from countries like North America and Asia.
The Tourist board of Vienna compiles and publishes the annual rankings of attraction in tourism. This board is called as Wiener Tourismusverband in German. The statistics of the ticket sales counts the number of visitors including both local and tourist visitors. The St. Stephen’s Cathedral called as Vienna’s symbol is ranked to the 17th position: the number of visitors (218,000 during 2009) represents ticket sales to the underground crypts, since access to cathedral is free. The multi-entry ticket holders’ entry is counted as separate, each time he enters the Schonbrunn Palace. This was the reason for reporting the ticket count to be 2.581 million entries instead 1.98 million in the year 2008. There are many tourist attractions and places of interest in Vienna, visit our Vienna Tourist Attractions page for more information.
We warmly welcome you to visit Vienna and wish you a pleasant and an unforgettable days in this beatiful city of Austria!


Vienna Accommodation

Being the capital of Austria, Vienna attracts millions of global visitors per year. There are many kinds of hotels including luxurious hotels, pensions, and etc.
Luxurious hotels offer a lot of facilities such as spa, swimming pool, sports courts, on site restaurants and gym. Many hotels provide free wireless internet connection in the guest room for free.  Some hotels equipped the rooms with water beds. There are many pension hotels in Vienna. Pension hotels are suitable for budget travelers who want to save money. There are a number of pension budget hotels in Vienna. Just like hostels, the pension hotels are equipped with multiple beds. Each room can accommodate up to four persons. Extra beds can be provided upon request.
If you are bringing a pet with you, you can stay at the pet friendly hotels. Most of the pet friendly hotels can accommodate the dogs. Some pet friendly hotels offers the accommodation for the dog at free of charge. The standard pet accommodation fee ranges from 4 - 12 Euros.
During the summer period, it can be hot in the room. If you are visiting Vienna during summer, you can book a hotel that is air conditioned. The majority of the hotels will provide the air conditioner services are provided free of charge by the hotel. There are a small number of hotels that charges extra fee for air conditioned rooms.

You can see our recommended hotels in Wien in the column on the right or browse all hotels in Vienna.

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