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Zell am See

Established by monks around the middle of the eighth century, the old part of Zell am See is situated on the shore of the Zeller See (Lake Zell), under a backdrop of mountains. The Lake Zell is a deep glacial lake with clear alpine waters. The town now is one of the most popular resorts in the Middle Pinzgau. It is crowded and fashionable in every season.


Zell am See Accommodation

If you are bored of the same old tourism places and want to try out something new and exciting then Zell am See is the place to be. Situated in the land of Austria, Zell am See is the capital district. With around ten thousand residents, this location is a tourist hotspot these days with many sights and scenes to take in. so how about planning your next trip to the wonderful city of Zell am See. The name of the city Zell am See, translates to “Cell by the lake”. Zell am See is a part of the great city of Zell which divides into five main districts; Schmitten, Bruckberg, Erlberg, Thumersbach and Zell am see.
As the name suggests the town of Zell am See is situated next to the lake. This lake is situated to the North and extends to the Salzach River. What is so unique about this river is that it has the shape of a peanut and is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the area. So if you wish to plan your next trip to this place, you should look for a good hotel accommodation in Zell am see. getting the right accommodation is of crucial importance since if you do not have a the perfect one you could suffer from a lot of problems that could seriously ruin your trip, for example, if your hotel is far away from the city, you might have t face a great amount of transportation costs that might increase your expenses, so always remember to search thoroughly before booking a location.
A few of the best places to visit while in Zell am See include the town of Zell Am see that consist of historical buildings that have great architectural value. The Promenade walk in the woods is another beautiful place where you can take in the natural environment.


Zell am See Skiing Holidays

For winter visitors, snow conditions in the Zell area are usually ideal from December to the end of April. Zell am See attracts beginner and intermediate skiers, plus many non-skiers - people who like the bustling life of the winter resort even if they never take to the slopes. Even if skiing isn't your thing, take the chairlift for the alpine scenery. Skiing is possible at elevations ranging from 915 to 2,745 meters.
There is a Zell/Kaprun Ski Pass that covers both Zell am See and Kaprun. This can be bought from the Zell am See tourist office (located on Bruckner Bundesstrasse 1a A-5700) and often at the lifts. A free shuttle bus runs between the two resorts during the day from December 20 to April 13 every fifteen minutes. If you are coming to Land Salzburg to ski, we recommend purchasing a ski package. A package will include the cost of all lifts and ski passes, and will be more economical than paying for each activity separately.

Zell am See Ski Pass

Sports fans gravitate to the Kur-und-Sportzentrum, an arena northwest of the resort housing a mammoth indoor swimming pool as well as saunas and an ice rink. Sometimes in cold weather the lake is frozen over.


Zell am See Summer Lakeside Holidays

Zell am See also attracts visitors in the peak summer months. Lake Zell, which has been called the cleanest lake in Europe, is warm, maintaining an average temperature of some 21°C in summer. The lake is four kilometers long and two kilometers wide. Motorboats can be rented. Also one can go along a footpath from the town to the bathing station at Seespitz.

Lake Zell

Unlike most resorts in Land Salzburg, Zell am See has some old buildings worth exploring. These include the Kastnerturm, or Constable's Tower, the oldest building in town, dating from the twelfth century. It was once used as a grain silo. The town's Pfarrkirche (Parish Church) is an eleventh century Romanesque structure. Inside is a late-Gothic choir from the sixteenth century. Castle Rosenberg, also from the sixteenth century, was once an elegant residence of the free state of Salzburg, built in the southern Bavarian style. Today it houses the Rathaus (town hall), with a gallery.
The folklore museum is in the old tower, the Vogtturm, near the town square. The tower itself is about 1,200 years old. In the museum, old costumes are displayed, and exhibited artifacts show the traditional way of life in old Land Salzburg. From June to October, the museum is open Monday to Friday 1 to 5pm.

Zell am See Austria

Schmittenhöhe rises 1967 meters above the sea level, west of Zell am See. You have 4 ways of getting up in the mountain and even more of getting down. There are people who have climbed it in the summer for four hours. But the not so tough ones could use the cableway. When you are up there, you get one of the most perfect views of the Kitzbühel Alps and the Grossglockner glacial range. There is the Berghotel at the upper station, where you can dine and rest. From the west part of Zell am See you can use a cableway to the middle station. And by several lifts from there you can reach the upper one. A popular place at the top is the sun terrace, gorgeous in summer and winter. It is located around 1,5 kilometers up Schmittenhöhe.

Schmittenhöhe Schmittenhohe

From the Schmittenhöhe you can also take the Sonnalm cableway to Sonnalm – 1385 meters above the sea level. There is also a restaurant there. From there you can use a chairlift to reach Sonnkogel – 1 836 meters elevation or a surface lift to Hochmais – 1728 meters. You can also reach Ronachkopf (1 487 meters) from the eastern end of Lake Zell.
From the resort itself you can go to Kaprun by a funicular railway. Kaprun is another resort at the foot of the Kitzteinhorn, which offers glacier skiing throughout the whole year, plus numerous great excursions.


Zell am See Transportation

If you travel between Salzburg and Innsbruck through rail, you will come across many important stops and Zell am See is one of them. Accordingly, express trains come from Innsbruck approximately one time in an hour, in a two hours journey. On the other hand, trains from Salzburg take nearly 90 minutes and leave station after every hour. Regular communication is also feasible from Klagenfurt, however a transfer in needed at Schwarzach – St. Veit railway junction, which is situated in the east at the distance of 34 kilometers. Zell am See is also a center point for many bus routes, which go to the nearby mountains. When passengers come from adjacent areas, they have to pass through many transfers, but majority of visitors use train.  If you are driving yourself from Salzburg, you have to travel southward on the A10 to the junction with Route 311, and that this point you will turn to west.

Zell am See Map


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Zell am See Ski Piste Information

Zell am See Area Ski/Trails Map

zell am see map

Total Runs: 130 kilometers
Longest Run: 8 kilometers
Number of Runs: 59
Beginner: 31
Intermediate: 19
Advanced: 9
Gondalas: 12
Chair Lifts: 15
Other Lifts: 30
Total Lifts: 57
Cross Country: 300 kilometers
Snow Cannons: 25
Uphill Capacity: 58000
Clubs: 3
Bars: 12
Restaurants: 43