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Zurs am Arlberg

Zurs is an idyllic resort situated only some four kilometers south of Lech am Arlberg in a sunny, picturesque valley. Zürs, which is located at 1708 meters elevation, consists of about one kilometer of typical white stucco Vorarlberger’s buildings with beautiful carved wood balconies. The resort, which is really a collection of notably expensive hotels (hence many guests prefer to stay in the adjacent Lech), is reached via the picturesque Flexen Road.

Zurs Skiing Holidays

Zürs is only a winter resort, and almost all hotels here close during the summer. Because of its location, Zurs am Arlberg is avalanche prone, but the potential avalanches do not stop the loyal clientele of the resort.

Zurs is one of most distinguished resorts the world and it’s a favorite of royalty and numerous film stars. The resort has about one hundred and thirty ski instructors, and the snow here is usually compared to talcum powder.
The chairlift east of Zurs would takes one to Hexenboden (2349 meters), and another cable lift goes to Trittkopf (2402 meters), which has a mountain restaurant and a sun terrace offering magnificent views.
In the west, a chairlift takes one to Seekopf (2188 meters) and from the windows and terrace of the restaurant here, you’ll be able to see the frozen Zürser Lake. Another chairlift goes up from Seekopf to the top station at 2451meters.
The year-round population of Lech is about thousand persons, but the year-round population of Zurs is just about hundred, which means that Zurs is almost dead in the summer and that’s another reason for most visitors to prefer accommodation in Lech.

Zurs Skiing

Most buses described in the Lech section stop in Zurs about 5-10 min. before their scheduled arrival in Lech. Likewise, if driving, follow the same directions for Zurs as for Lech. Zürs is lying ninety kilometers southeast of Bregenz, about 35 km east of Bludenz, and forty-three km west of Landeck in Tyrol. If arriving at the Zurich airport, as many do, Zurs is 240 kilometers (150 miles) east.
The nearest railway station is in the town of Langen, which is fourteen kilometers away. There are 6-7 direct trains daily from Innsbruck (trip takes 1 hour and 20 minutes).


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Zurs am Arlberg Ski Piste Information

6 Black Pistes (22 km)
19 Red Pistes (44 km)
25 Blue Pistes (44 km)
4 Green Runs
110 km Downhill Slopes
4 km Cross Country Trails
32 Ski Lifts
750 meters Vertical
2450 meters Highest Lift
1720 meters Zurs Altitude
1700 meters Lowest Run













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