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Leoben is situated in the Upper Styria, a part of Austrian province of Styria at 540 meters elevation and has about thirty thousand inhabitants. With its world-famous Mining University, the town is a starting point of a sight seeing tours through the Styrian iron road - an interesting historical and natural area. Leoben provides its visitors with an extensive variety of cultural events and leisure activities. There are forty-one kilometers of hiking routes, which are regularly cleared and are constantly maintained. The hiking paths in and around Leoben are family friendly and invite you to enjoy the beautiful landscape. In the traffic office hiking maps are freely offered. Because of its neat parks, Leoben has the reputation of a "city of flowers". Leoben is situated at the "cycle-route R2", which is known as "Tour de Mur". The cycling tracks inside the city are fully developed and in 1991 Leoben was awarded as the friendliest cycling community. The leisure infrastructure at Tivoli provides great opportunities to recreational sportists as well as to athletes. The swimming pool in Donawitz is a greatly situated open-air bath and especially suitable for families. And the Stadionbad swimming facility, located on the Murinsel in the Au, with its eighty meters water chute and Agora playground, is one of the most beautiful swimming facilities in Styria. Also there is a sauna within the indoor swimming pool area, which is considered one of the most modern in Austria and provides the visitors with a great recreation. It contains four heat chambers, two steam chambers, separate and common quiet rooms, a terrace and massage chamber. Children will find enjoyable all sections of the city and will have the possibility to frolic around the numerous playgrounds. There is and artificial ice rink, which is open for all ice-skate lovers from the end of October until March. Also a special opening party and ice disco for young visitors are available, as well as a carnival for children. Leoben offers a favorable starting position to the skiing area of Präbichl/Eisenerz with its best prepared ski-runs and cross-country ski courses.

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