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If you want to see more of West Styria, stay at Schladming, south of Bad Aussee and use this resort as a center for exploring the alpine mountain range of Dachstein-Tauern. With population of 6500 this resort is situated near cable car, riverside and touches the nearby Rohrmoos resort. Also there is a golf course and nearby Cross Country Ski Track, Ski-In/Ski-Out. This skiing center is located in the Dachstein-Tauern area on Route 308 and around Vienna-Graz railway, easy to be reached. The center of Rohrmoos is two kilometers south of the center of Schladming, but the edges of the two resorts touch one another; for most practical purposes, they are considered one.


Schladming Skiing Holidays

The Planai (1900 meters) and the Hochwurzen (1850 meters) offer some fast downhill ski pistes, equipped with a cableway, 5 double chairlifts, a connecting 3-seat chairlift, many ski buses, and fifteen surface lifts, at various elevation. All these facilities have the capacity to transport around 22000 people per hour. The Dachstein-Südward cableway makes it possible to ski and during the summer at 2704 meters altitude. There are also some good ski schools, as well as ski kindergarten for the children. Other activities available here include alpine skiing, fishing, ballooning, hang-gliding, cycling, paragliding, hunting, canoeing/kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, horseback riding, tobogganing, snowshoeing, hiking and many more.

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Schladming is a resort situated on the northern side of the mountains Dachstein and Schladminger Tauern, being that resort offering all the facilities needed and wanted by the winter sports fans. The 10 sports centers, with a large variety of offers, and the true Austrian hospitality, and the specific area make this place perfect for skiers and snowboarders, but also for people that only want to spend a quiet vacation in a great natural atmosphere.

Schladming is a part of the region Ski Amade, having direct access to 860 kilometers of skiing routes, and 270 lifts with a single skipass!

The region offers a large number of routes with an increased degree of difficulty, being the biggest northern center for skiing. The region contains many internationally recognized resorts, places that are appreciated by skiers all over the world, such as
Haus im Ennstalt, Schladming - Rohrmoost and Pich/Reiteralm.

Schladming itself has 220 kilometers of snowboarding and skiing routes, which are maintained at a high level of quality, being able to accommodate thousands of tourists at the same time. With so many advantages, there is no wonder that you should book your vacation with months before the actual date, if you want to be sure you can find what you need.

The region is placed in a great location, being one of the fewest resorts that are easily accessible from the major cities, that has snow until the late months of the spring. Moreover, in case the snow is not enough, the modern snow cannons ensure that the tourists benefit of a great skiing atmosphere.

As Schladming hosted the 1999 Worldwide Skiing Championship, its reputation was greatly increased, and today, it is considered one of the most important skiing centers of Europe. Besides skiing, tourists can enjoy other winter sports, like sledging, snowboarding, and even free rides on one of the numerous hiking routes available in the area.

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Schladming Transportation

Schladming is on 299 kilometers southwest of Vienna and 203 kilometers northwest of Graz. Though located in the northwestern part of Styria, Schladming is often visited by people driving from the Salzburg County. To get here by car, one should take the A10 south from Salzburg to the junction with Route 308, and then go east. There is a train on every hour that reaches Schladming from Graz or Salzburg. Many bus routes begin in Schladming and wind into the surrounding hills and valleys; many of the town’s residents use these buses. Rohrmoos has no train station, but there are numerous busses between Schladming and Rohrmoos, making frequent stops at the hotels in the valley.

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